Spring Activities at Predator Ridge Resort

Spring Activities at Predator Ridge Resort

2019 was another beautiful summer here in the Okanagan. And because of it, we’re looking forward to fall and winter with renewed vigor. But after covering three seasons of activities here at Predator Ridge, we couldn’t forget about spring. After all, spring in the Okanagan is one of the most beautiful times of year. But…there’s another reason we like the season, too.



The game of tennis burst onto history’s scene somewhere in the 1100s. Back then Latin was the administrative language of France, the majority of its population were peasants, and King Richard was causing trouble. No wonder they needed to blow off some steam. Called “jeu de paume” or “game of the palm,” players of the game’s early incarnation would hit a ball back and forth with bare hands and only later began to use a glove. The game remained played this way, too. At least until the 1500s when the glove morphed into a racket and players began to play for sport in an enclosed space.

From its modest roots in northern France to the infamous French Open of today, tennis has evolved into one of our most popular and beloved sports. No wonder once spring hits we’re ready to trade our ski poles for a tennis racket faster than you can say un, deux, trois!


If you are a resident or a visitor of Predator Ridge Resort and chasing a neon ball across the court is your thing, look no further than our Predator Ridge Tennis & Pickleball club. Located in our new Commonage neighbourhood, this recently-built state-of-the-art racquet facility boasts 4 full tennis courts and 4 pickleball courts. Those who hold a membership will enjoy access to the club 7 days a week, as well as exclusive access to member workshops, preferred booking times, and discounts on lessons as well as on-site retail and food & beverage outlets.


Joachim Nierfeld is the court operations manager and a proud member of the Predator Ridge community. And if you don’t know who he is, you should. Ranked #1 in Canada in the 45 age-group division and #31 in the ITF world ranking, Nierfeld is a competitive tennis player with an illustrious history on the court. Also a certified tennis and pickleball coach, he has served as the head pro at several tennis clubs throughout the world.

As head of our staff and coaches, Nierfeld oversees all tennis programs at Predator Ridge. If you’re interested in taking tennis lessons at Predator Ridge there are a number of options. Private, semi-private, and group tennis lessons are available. In addition, pickleball lessons are available in group passes for up to 4 and 8 people.


If you have children who are curious about tennis or looking to improve their skills, some of our favourite spring activities at Predator Ridge Resort are the junior summer camps. In effect all summer these 2-hour camps take place over a 3-day period and include a girls-only camp. Designed to make tennis fun and accessible, kids learn the basics from some of BC’s most talented tennis professionals.


2019 is the year our state-of-the-art Clubhouse will throw open its doors. The Clubhouse will feature an after-tennis social area, change facilities, storage for members, and a number of retail areas. Not only that, we anticipate that the Clubhouse will foster relationships among the Predator Ridge community and a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people.


Looking at some of our Predator Ridge homes for sale? Thinking about becoming a full-time resident? Enjoy some spring activities at Predator Ridge Resort and get to know the area. It give you the opportunity to get to know the area and its residents. And you might even discover a favourite seasonal activity in the process.






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