Resort Community Living in the Okanagan – Expect the Unexpected

Resort Community Living in the Okanagan – Expect the Unexpected

Many people have wondered what it’s like to live in a resort community. No longer just a haven for retirees, the resort communities of the Okanagan now attract couples of all ages, growing families, and even single professionals looking for a home base from which they can grow a business without giving up on their quality of life. So what is it that all these people have in common, and what brought them to a resort community in the first place?


The Dutch are so drawn to the feeling that being cozy and content brings to us that they even have a name for it: Hygge. (Pronounced HIGH-gee.) Explained as a general sense of contentment, coziness, or a feeling of wellness, hygge has been catching on all over the world. And is it any wonder why; who doesn’t like feeling cozy and comfortable?

Think of resort community living in Predator Ridge as the ultimate in hygge. A unique way of life, the resort communities here are small, which provides residents with a sense of safety and security, but also of belonging. You may never meet every one of your neighbours, but after setting down roots here you will surely recognize them. Perhaps you acknowledge one another on the way to the park with the kids, or give a quick wave while you’re out with friends for a Saturday ski session. However you become familiar with the other residents of your resort community, there is an inherent human need that is recognized when you feel like you belong somewhere. And that is an even more powerful reason for most residents of Predator Ridge’s resort communities to live here than all its snowy peaks and green knolls combined.


Almost all of us like to appreciate the finer things in life. Wonderful food, exquisite wines, and scenic surroundings are some of the ways we seek to enjoy life. But opulent luxury is anathema to what most of us have come to define as the west coast flavour. Can we have it both ways?

Resort community living here in the Okanagan means an embarrassment of riches, but these luxuries are counterbalanced by casual elegance that permeates both the design of Predator Ridge and its attitude. In other words, we may be a resort community but we don’t take ourselves too seriously and nor should you. Here at Predator Ridge, you’re more likely to find most of us cozying up to a steaming mug of hot chocolate after an afternoon of snowshoeing than you are gazing into a glass of wine in a three-piece suit. Residents of the Okanagan resort communities like Predator Ridge clearly appreciate the good things in life, but at the end of the day they know what’s most important.


Here in the Okanagan we like to say it loud and say it proud – we’re Canadian, eh! We have a lot to be proud of here in Canada and throughout the facilities of our resort communities you will see that we constantly keep that in mind.

From the wine lists of our local restaurants to our unabashedly Canadian Hockey Canada Log Cabin – a unique space for medium-sized groups that features heritage Hockey Canada décor – we are proud of our country and our province and we want everyone who lives or visits our resort communities to feel that same way. Whether it’s farm-to-table meals or building supplies for the residential developments, we use local suppliers as much as possible to service the facilities of our unique resort communities.

So if you’ve been dreaming of resort community living in the Okanagan, or what it would be like to own your very own piece of Okanagan real estate allow us to say this: We’ll been waiting for you.

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