Predator Ridge Golf Resort Gives New Meaning to Wild Life

Predator Ridge Golf Resort Gives New Meaning to Wild Life

There is a saying that goes something like this: You can’t have it all. Well those of us who live at the Predator Ridge Resort however, politely beg to differ.

You see, we think that one glimpse of a young fawn grazing at the forest’s edge, or the bald eagle who makes its daily rounds of the lime-green fairway and you’re apt never to repeat the phrase again. Because here in the Okanagan, we give new meaning to the words wild life.


If you’re thinking of moving to Predator Ridge or looking at either Kelowna real estate or Vernon real estate, you probably can’t live without a little wildlife. Or maybe you have for so long that it’s time to make a change. Either way, the homes for sale in and around Predator Ridge tend to attract buyers who put nature at the top of their list. And that’s a good thing, too. Because the Okanagan Valley has been recognized as one of Canada’s most ecologically diverse regions.


If you’re one of those people who make fun of birders, we encourage you to start making amends now. Home to more than 300 species of birds, including many of our rarest winged friends, the Okanagan Valley will have you running for your camera or binoculars before you can say bald eagle. Think we’re joking? Just ask one of the budding naturalists who turned the Predator Ridge Resort into home.

According to the HelloBC website, British Columbia lies in the path of the Pacific Flyway. A major migratory thoroughfare between Alaska and Patagonia, this migratory highway of sorts stretches out over an astonishing 15,000 kilometres. That makes for a lot of birds. Each year the Okanagan Valley plays host to a number of related activities including the Meadowlark Nature Festival, which includes bird tours with notable guests such as biologist and author Dick Cannings.

On any given day around the Predator Ridge Golf Resort a sighting may include one or more of the following species: Bald Eagle, Great Blue Heron, Osprey, Stellar Jay, and the Flammulated Owl.


Besides the obvious benefits that the diversity of the Okanagan’s wildlife provides for residents, it has had an unexpected consequence. Today 30% of BC’s red-listed wildlife species and 46% of its blue-listed species reside in the South Okanagan. That makes the Okanagan home to more endangered, threatened and rare species than anywhere else in the province.

Those who are actively looking at homes for sale in Predator Ridge, or any Kelowna real estate or Vernon real estate will be delighted to learn that the area is conservation-minded and places a deep emphasis on protecting wildlife.

In the region surrounding the Predator Ridge Resort it is not uncommon to find deer or even wild horses roaming amongst the lush landscape. Together with other threatened and endangered species such as the Painted Turtle, the Kokanee Salmon, the California Bighorn Sheep and the Lewis Woodpecker, residents of the area could spend a lifetime marveling at these wonders of nature.


If you’re interested in the possibility of buying one of our Predator Ridge homes for sale, you will inherit a 1,200-acre backyard. And this backyard just so happens to be one of the North Okanagan’s top birding routes and a hub for wildlife.

The Commonage, Predator Ridge’s newest community, sits in amongst grasslands, ranches and wooded hills. Birdie Lake, sitting just next to the 15th hole of The Ridge course, is a well-known viewing spot for a diverse cast of birds and ducks. In fact, it’s become so popular that we built a viewing platform just off the Birdie Lake Trail, so that golfers and hikers alike can stop to take in the views.

Just 8km from Predator Ridge is the Allan Brooks Nature Centre; a local habitat conservation centre that offers a number of events and programs for those of all ages. Depending on the time of year you can expect to see Family Nights, First Peoples’ Celebrations and their infamous Wine & Wild Things Fundraiser on the events calendar.


Whether you really can have it all at the Predator Ridge Resort or just most of it, we’re pretty certain that owning a home here is as close as you’ll come.

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